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The Sennika Clan

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1The Sennika Clan Empty The Sennika Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:39 pm


[align=center]The Sennika Clan Juugo_zpsd71da95a[/align]

    1. Senninka requires Administrative approval.

    2. Though members of the Senninka clan may begin as a Ninjutsu\Genjutsu or Taijutsu primary, they will not be able to use the perks associated with either of the two (Senninka cannot be Jack of All Trades). Instead, those of the Senninka clan will begin with x4 the chakra of your average shinobi (i.e x4 Massives).

    3. All members of the Senninka are subject to random bursts of violence due to their innate ability to constantly absorb natural energy. Because of this, all players of the Senninka clan will be subject to random “chaos events,” wherein an member of upper staff will post in your thread and declare you’ve entered a state known as “warrior’s madness.” When this happens, you will the next ten posts attacking everything and anyone nearby.

    This will occur for the first three months of your having a Senninka, after which your character will have been considered “matured” and able to take control of their violent urges.

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2The Sennika Clan Empty Re: The Sennika Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:40 pm


Clan Jutsu:

Senninka (Sage Transformation)
Rank: D
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Mid per transformation
    The premiere technique behind the blood limit of the Senninka clan, this jutsu allows the user to completely transform their body either into offensive or defensive weapons, from their pinky toe all the way to their arms and legs. This technique stems from the user’s natural ability to absorb natural energy (sage chakra), which they can then use to consciously alternate their body to achieve a wide variety of effects. From flying to increasing their strength or speed and agility, it seems as though the sky is virtually the limit when it comes to these clan members. This transformation has two distinct phases, which are:
      Form One: Form one refers to any point in time when the user decides to change no more than two appendages on their body. A perfect example would be a user changing their arm into a scaled axe of some sort, or into a winged-shield. There are a wide variety of transformations a user can conjure in Form One, depending solely on their imagination.

      Form Two: Form two is considered a full body transformation. In this form, the user takes on multiple transformations simultaneously, covering their entire body from head to do in the thick hide of the sage transformation. Only the more powerful techniques are available in this form, and for a short period (five turns) the user operates with x3 speed and strength of your average shinobi (this does not stack with other amplifiers).

    Note: Users may convert their entire body with the sage transformation technique a maximum of one time per thread (this means you can only access Form Two once). However, they may convert one appendage (an arm, leg, head, or the torso; converting two limbs at the same time will count as two separate usages while converting three or more appendages will be considered fully-body) via the Senninka a total of fifteen times per thread.

    Because of the nature of their transformation, the afflicted portion of skin is incredibly durable, borderline immune to most forms of piercing, spare for items coated in chakra and jutsu with high-level cutting potential.

    Players possessing this technique are able to submit custom Form One transformations. These techniques do not need chakra costs, as it will simply be a sub-ability of this parent technique. While in Form Two, no more than five weapons or “auxiliary tools” may be active at any given time.

Teono (Destroying Axe Fist)
Rank: D
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Low
    Using the sage transformation, the user can form a large curved axe-blade on the underside of the forearm. This blade is strong enough to block real swords without being damaged, and able to cut at least five inches into solid cement when swung with full strength.

Tobikomi Bu-Suta (Booster Jumper)
Rank: C
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Mid to cast, Mid per boost
    Using the sage transformation, this technique allows the user to create many jet-like appendages on their back. They then use them to create powerful blasts, which greatly increase a user’s jumping capability and even gives temporary flight.

    Note: Each burst gives the user x2 of your average shinobi (whether they are in the air or on the ground), for a distance of roughly fifteen meters. Only one “boost” may be used per post, before the user must land (if they’re in flight) and reboost themselves.

Kobushi Pisuton: Jikai Ichi (Piston Fist: Style One)
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Mid
    Using the sage transformation, this technique allows the user to alter their arm into a piston-like appendage (generally the mechanism is at the elbow). Upon contact, the user can release a controlled burst of force to the target, dramatically increasing his attacking power. If used properly, this technique can prove fatal to those caught in its way.

    Note: The force delivered from the piston is x2 the force of the punch, itself. Being controlled in a localized area, this can have incredibly damaging effects on a victim (easily breaking pones and causing internal hemorrhaging).

Kobushi Pisuton: Jikai Ni (Piston Fist: Style Two)
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: High
    Using the sage transformation, this technique allows the user to create many jet-like appendages along their arm, rather than their back. They then use them to create powerful blasts, which dramatically increases their attacking and throwing power. This is a more powerful version of the traditional Piston Fist, via combination of the Booster Jump.

    Note: Each burst increase the power of the user’s punch to x3 that of your average shinobi, which allows them to deal a large amount of damage with a simply punch.

Chakra Juuhou Bakuha (Chakra Blast Cannons)
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Massive
    One of the more powerful techniques in a Senninka’s arsenal, this allows the user to deal an incredible amount of damage both near and far. The user will begin by creating fourteen jet-like appendages from their back, and then extend them so that they can “wrap around” and aim forward. From there, the user will begin to gather chakra at each orifice of the appendage, before releasing a huge and powerful chakra blast.

    Note: This technique is able to destroy barriers of b-rank and below, while decimating most mundane objects in its way. The beam exists only for the turn it was created in, and the energy dissipates upon reaching ten meters, though the heat radiates for an additional five and can still cause some injury. It should be noted that these appendages, due to their make, cannot fire in separate directions - this is a frontal attack. Only players in Form 2 may use this technique.

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