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Murasaki [W.I.P]

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1Murasaki [W.I.P] Empty Murasaki [W.I.P] on Sat Jan 10, 2015 2:47 am


Alias Goes Here

Name: Murasaki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB+

Rank: Genin
Kekkei Genkai:
Class: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu Primary & Taijutsu Secondary)
These are the people who combine their physical and spiritual chakra well enough to form incredible corporeal constructs. Most commonly, individuals will learn to channel their innate Nature Transformation and utilize it to do combat.

Their specifications and bonuses are:

•x2 Massive Chakra.

•x1 speed, x1 strength.

•3 elemental slots.

•Taijutsu restricted to B-ranked and under.
Traits: (
- Raiton Release

Height: 5'3
Weight: 126 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Murasaki [W.I.P] Bambietta-Basterbine-bleach-anime-35969103-500-428

Murasaki is a slender young girl with long, straight black hair and blue eyes. Muraskai attire consists of white uniform similar to military dress uniform. The uniform she likes to wear comes with hooded-cloak, a thigh-length trench coat, knee-high boots, a miniskirt, and black stockings. Murasaki also wears a belt buckle and a white cap, which features a black peak and her hidden village insignia emblazoned on its front, this insignia also appears on her cloak as well.


Murasaki due to her up bring tends to be stern with dead-serious disposition for the most part, she seems to hold clam or expressionless look. She can be very strict to those around her. Seemingly to always have a lecture ready on what the person or people are doing wrong, why people shouldn't do some things and/or why there's a consequence to their actions, even if they don't want to hear it, she views it as her unofficial duty to make sure people stay on the 'right path'. In fact if she is place in squad she will gladly proclaimed herself the second in command and punisher of the squad. This make her a bit of buzz kill or party pooper at times.

The 'Right Path' is Murasaki social & religious belief system. She does believe that a higher being exist watching them and she does her best to look good towards the higher being. Like, she doesn't believe in divorce or same gender couples. Despite being a closet bisexual herself. Maybe someone could open up her eyes.

Murasaki is a person of incredible resolve, not hesitating to do whatever it takes to complete a mission and defeat her enemy which could cause tension and problems with anyone she is working with. She will not hesitate in the slightest to strike down even her allies if they stand in her way of completing the mission. She believes in mission accomplishment over welfare of others once again this is attributed to her up bring.


-Purple & White: Murasaki's favorite color is purple which shouldn't be surprising considering that her name also stands for the color purple. As such, she naturally finds herself more attract to objects and people that have purple on them. For example, purple hair is could be consider a turn on for her. White is her second favorite color, which again shouldn't be surprising considering her standard attire.

-Uniforms/Outfits: Something she doesn't like to tell people about. She has a thing for buying and dressing up in various uniforms and outfits, from stylish and expensive uniforms to cute and sexy outfits. She doesn't know where she develop this habit from, but she consider its a guilty pleasure.  

-Lollipops: Murasaki's favorite treat, she is often found having a lollypop in her mouth, and with purple being her favorite color. Her favorite flavor is grape lollipops.

-Reading: Murasaki can be considered a bookworm and enjoys relaxing while reading a book or two. Her favorite genre of books are history books.


-Alcoholic Drinks: Despite being old enough to have those styles of drinks. She prefers not to have them since she believes people are trying to get her drunk enough so they can take advantage of her or have their way with her, that what she tells most people anyways. Her reason for not drinking is that she a lightweight. She will only drink if a mission requires it and/or if she with trusted friends.

-The Poor: Murasaki hates hanging around poor people nor does she have any desire to be poor. She wants to live a comfortable life style, not having to worry about how she going to pay for this and that. Plus she doesn't want to depend on others for money.

-Flat Chested: She hates when people comment on the size of chest.  She tends to get angry and make excuse on why she doesn't have large boobs like other girls her age.

-Missing Ninja & Traitors: She has little to zero tolerance for anyone who betrays their village, it one of the most dishonorable acts that any ninja, samurai or civilian can't do.


-Being captured by her enemies: A Standard fear for most ninja and since she female, this fear is even made worse. She heard of what happens to female ninja when they are captured. It isn't pretty and she had no desire to be some servant to some creepy old person.

-Weakness: She fears that's she won't become strong enough to protect those who are close or to protect her village. What the point of being a ninja if you can't protect the things and people around you.

-Loneliness: She doesn't like being alone, she hopes that she have people around her to help and support her, even if her altitude always doesn't show it. Plus being alone in this day of age only ensures one a quick death.

Family: (Any family member if any)

RP Sample: (Opt

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