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The Hozuki Clan

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1The Hozuki Clan Empty The Hozuki Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:28 pm


Hozuki Clan:

Where as many Kekkei Genkai rely on certain - or unique powers passed down through genetic mutation or blood, a few of them take this skill a step further, incorporating the nature of something else - say, a release - and enhancing anything the user could possibly do with it. In this case, the Hozuki's uniqueness comes from their ability to create an instant hydration like effect from any cell within their bodies. In essence, after much training a clan member is capable of liquidizing (hydration) their body on command in order to turn a once dense limb or body part into a non-solid liquid form.

Few know the factual origins behind the Bloodline, but a few folk tales had been birthed within the Water Country, where several of the clan's most favorite members chose to dwell in. Most likely due to the natural water presence, the legend goes that Hozuki rose from the very waters one day as spirits of the sea tired of dwelling within the dark depths. In a single massive exodus, the sea birthed its children, setting them loose on dry land.

The rest, as they say, was history. Whether this actually happened or not is up to debate, but regardless of the story's validity, it does shed light on the Clan in general.


    1. The Hozuki clan is a Ninjutsu\Genjutsu Primary clan.2. Hozuki may only possess the Suiton (Water) release.

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2The Hozuki Clan Empty Re: The Hozuki Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:30 pm


Clan Jutsu:

Suika no Jutsu (Hydration Technique)
Rank: D
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Mid per transformation
    The core technique behind the bloodlimit and the door to stronger, more powerful attacks, this jutsu allows the Hozuki to totally transform their body into a condensed state of water, so dense that the user can withstand even the roughest of physical attacks, yet so malleable that on a whim, they can also decompose into mere puddles. From a single hair to the skin and muscles, everything can be liquefied and solidified, be it to evade an enemy's attack during a short range battle, to infiltrate a structure, or to launch a surprise attack from a liquefied state. Maintaining this form requires that the clan member keep themselves constantly hydrated, but in this form the can also draw upon and control nearby water by immersing and merging amongst the liquid. And best of all - by liquefying their whole body at will, it makes it impossible for the Hozuki to receive damage from physical attacks. When the user passes out, they turn into a jelly-like, dormant state until consciousness is regained.

    Note: The user may convert their entire body into water a maximum of five times per thread. However, the user may convert one appendage (and arm, leg, head, or the torso; converting two limbs at the same time will count as two separate usages) into water a total of ten times per thread. Due to being able to transform themselves into water at any point in time, all Hozuki are nearly impervious to non-elemental physical strikes, but are extremely susceptible to Raiton and Hyouton. Any and all raiton does a critical amount of damage on Hozuki, and when hit with the element they are unable to liquefy properly. Likewise, any and all hyouton reacts violently with the water-infused chakra of the Hozuki body, thoroughly freezing the area the jutsu comes in contact with. It should be noted that Hozuki are not made of water, but instead simply possess a genetic disorder which allows them to revert their entire bodies into such. When knocked unconscious or extremely exhausted and\or low on chakra, the user will revert to an immobile puddle of water.
Toro-Toro no Jutsu (Sticky Jelly Technique)
Rank: D
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Low
    As the Hozuki further their understanding of the control over their liquid essences, their skill in altering their density composition enhances. In this case, rather than simply breaking up into a puddle of water when being struck, the Hozuki learns to absorb the blow, increasing their watter pressure so that the weapon or limb is stuck within. To the opponent, it'll feel as if they had buried their weapon/hand in sloppy mud. By reforming around the impact point, they are able to trick their opponent into coming in for an obvious attack. From this point, they can finish their opponent off, or capture them for later use.

    Note: This ability can “capture” relatively strong attacks. However, movements carrying a very high amount of momentum, power and\or based around very large weaponry may be immune to this ability.
Kusshin (Cushion)
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Mid, High (optional)
    Utilizing their ability to convert their bodies to water, a Hozuki can actually achieve the elongation of their limbs. By utilizing this ability, a Hozuki can increase the range of their attacks. However, due to the properties of inertia if a hozuki were to throw a punch and extend their arm, they would not be able to change the trajectory of the punch mid-attack. As the user masters their ability to liquefy their body, their ability to stretch their limbs will also increase.

    Note: For a high amount of chakra, the user can extend two limbs simultaneously. This technique was created by Taiga.
Funshutsuzerii (Spewing Jelly)
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: 4
Chakra Consumption: Mid
    Furthering their control of their special jelly, the Hozuki is able to spew a wide arcing stream of said jelly from their mouth. Because of the Hozuki's physical makeup, a water source is not needed for this technique. The jelly spewed will be emitted like an arcing jet that rains down and engulfs of a five by five meter area. This syrup like substance is comparable to the Sticky Syrup technique.

    Note: This technique was created by Taiga.
Gousuiwan no Jutsu (Strong Water Arm Technique)
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Mid
    Using their ability to transform their body into water, the Hozuki will reform their limbs, be it arms or legs, into a more muscular form. The muscles of the arm are temporarily enlarged and strengthened by the moisture gathered from the whole body, and as it is compressed into the entire arm, it provides boosts equivalent to an instant pump-up. This stronger limb allows the clan member to deliver more powerful blows with either a weapon or taijutsu in conjunction with the boosted limb. However, because it is essential to properly control the moisture balance inside the body, this technique's degree of difficulty is very high. The trade off for such difficulty? The technique gives the user superhuman strength, capable of cutting through both rock walls and steel doors.

    Note: The user’s arm is doubled in size, and the strength behind it is comparable to the first gate.
Kan’oke (Dense Water Coffin)
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: 4
Chakra Consumption: High
    A highly effective combat technique due to its high element of surprise, this deadly jutsu is best reserved for close combat situations. In a moment when the Hozuki spots their opponent's opening, their essence suddenly shifts forward at frightening speeds, no longer resembling a human and instead reverting into a giant blob. Their aim is to envelop the victim, smothering them so that they drown in the dense waters, feel their bones break due to the pressure, and even poison them by using their unique jelly.

    Note: The user must first perform the handseals and then touch their opponent in order to facilitate this technique.
Kassei Shintou (Activated Osmosis)
Rank: S
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: 2
Chakra Consumption: Mid, 2x High (optional)
    One of the biggest problems that most people face is that when something forcibly enters their body (shrapnel, for instance) it's incredibly difficult to get it out. The Hozuki, however, have figured a way to eliminate this problem. Via this unique osmosis, they are capable of entering their "water state" and rejecting any foreign objects from their bodies. While this does not erase the damage down by the objects, it does immediately cease any recurring or future threat it might have caused by remaining in the user's system.

    Note: This ability can reject any and all foreign objects from the user’s system (poisons, shrapnel, etc); however, the user must be in their complete liquid state in order to do such. This means that the user must first perform the handseals and then convert into liquid.

    Bypassing this rule, and using the technique while not in the user’s water form, requires 2x High worth of chakra to perform. Likewise, it is far more dangerous as removing objects may result in causing more injury. This technique was created by Arashi.
Ginzamezoku (Demon Fish Wave)
Rank: S
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: 90% of the user’s chakra
    The ultimate Hozuki ninjutsu, used after the clan member employs their 'Hydration Technique' to merge with a large, plentiful water source. Once in contact with the source, the Hozuki instantly replicates into a larger scale, forming a giant wave that takes the appearance of a demon-like fish. Once in this form, the clan member can use this form to attack and crash into their opponents, or even to shield allies from attack. Best of all, this beast of water can use any Suiton jutsu known to the Hozuki.

    Note: This technique requires a very large source of water in order to perform (roughly a small lake or so). When the conditions are met, the user make transform into a beast no large or wider than twenty meters. Any suiton based jutsu cast while in this form costs no chakra, and is substantially larger in size.

    This form can be sustained for a total of three posts, and requires at least x2 High worth of chakra remaining to be cast.

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