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The Time (Setting)

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The clans always in war with one another, and many women and men lives has been losed. The fueds between these clans was built new allies. A wise proverb has been repeated many times. "The emeny of my emeny is my friend", esathblishing clans to join forces. One of the first are the Uchiha Clan which is lead by Madara Uchiha the current Reincarnated Path Eldest son "Idra the father of Doujutsu". Being at war with the Senju clan, they would for relations with the Inuzuka clan. The Inuzuka would began mating with Uchiha so the Uchiha would share their bloodline and in exchange the Inuzuka would teach their hidden jutsu. Just by these two clans banding together was enough of a movement to push the Senju out of the land of fire. The Senju being forced out into the land of the water. Hiasrua Senju would earn the trust of the Kaguya, helping evoling the Kaguya's "Barbaric state of Mind" soon teaching them how to use the wood release to a certain degree. Allowing the two to seize power of the land of water and forming the hidden mist jutsu, soon after allowing Hirosima Senju to become the Diyamo of the land of water and postioning his brother as the Mizukage.

In a land a man located in the land of clouds predicted the death of both Hiromia Senju and Madara Uchiha and that a new set of Reincarnations of the "Sage of Six Path's Sons" be born. That man was known as the first Raikage. The Land of clouds was known as being a storm of danger. Mean missing ninja would flee to hide into this land.  Rumors has it the Daiymo of the clouds, star and Sky has been negoating deals of armys. Every major Nations has outlawed the weapon's devolped with in these deals, threating to destory the nation if the Dayimo is caught with the weapons. The Cloud Daiymo had to sign a admenmand with the other nations allowing their forces to enter the land to presue anyone using those weapons or selling them.

The Ecomeny was slow in these times and there was a need for some lands to meet to provide the total income for the ninja nations. Each nation had to get along with in order for anyone would surive. So corruption and jeleosy The clans began to get greedy fighting for control of power. Minpuating one another there, with only two holding the most power The Senju and the Uchiha ran the whole world having forming pacts and exchanges of knowldge. Not to metion both of their leaders was Daiymo's. Although there was a time when peace is called through out the world "They Day of Trades". The Day of trades is a time when the water users and earth users work together to exchange water suppy to the hole ninja nations.

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