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The Kamizuru Clan

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1 The Kamizuru Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:55 pm



The Kamizuru clan hails from Iwagakure no Sato and had at one point been a renowned noble clan much like Konohagakure no Sato’s noble Aburame Clan. Like their distant cousins, they too have command over insects, though not chakra eating bugs and beetles. The Kamizuru specialize in using bees during combat to either inflict various poisons and paralytics or so rain down a barrage of senbon like stingers. Needless to say, the Kamizuru were feared and their status as a noble clan had been backed up countless times.

Members of the Kamizuru carry a portable hive where their bees reside. Never will the bees attack their owner for to them, the Kamizuru is like the queen bee, or in any case, the royalty. This is said to come into play by the pheromones that the Kamizuru give off to attract said bees and bind them to their will—much like an unspoken knighting to man in a royal’s court. Because of this it is said that the bees of the Kamizuru, like a swarm of killer bees, will fight and protect their owner as much as they can even till death.

It is said that in days of old, before the great shinobi wars of the present that the very first man to bring Iwagakure no Sato together had been a part of the Kamizuru clan. However after an unfortunate loss to the Aburame their numbers have dwindled and their status stripped. They are nothing more than a page forgotten in the history books now with only a handful of shinobi trying to bring the name of the Kamizuru back into the spotlight.

    1. The Kamizuru clan is a Ninjutsu\Genjutsu Primary clan.

    2. By default, all Kamizuru begin every battle with roughly 3,000 bees at their disposal.

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2 Re: The Kamizuru Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:57 pm


Clan Jutsu:

Portable Hive
Rank: C
Type: Universal Accessory
Special: This allows the Kamizuru to house their bees close in order to call upon them for their techniques. Each portable hive takes up one (1) accessory slots.
Description: Shaped and colored to the player's liking, these items usually hang at the Kamizuru’s side, and provide ample storage room for the full hive’s worth of bees that they use in their arsenal.
Cost: --

Note: Kamizuru clansmen always start with this item.

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