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Denki Kyuudou (Energy Bow Skill)

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1 Denki Kyuudou (Energy Bow Skill) on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:45 pm



Denki Kyuudou, or The way of the Electric Bow, is a brand new take on one of the worlds most legendary style of war. It introduces chakra into the mix to create explosive results. The modernization of the bow has changed the battlefield. It allows a free-flow on battle that wasn't there before allowing new creations on chakra attacks.
      1. This is a universal style.
      2. This style can not be paired with a heavy weapons style. The user's hands become too nimble, and as such a heavy weapons style will destroy the finesse needed for techniques.

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2 Re: Denki Kyuudou (Energy Bow Skill) on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:45 pm




Drago tm MK I Bow
Rank: A-Rank
Type:Primary / Ranged
Description: The 'Drago' Mark I is one of the most technologically advanced weapons to be produced in modern day. It takes from the ancient weapon of the Bow and Arrow and redefines it. It's comprised of a barrel which extends onto a piston that has a grip of it's own to be pulled back and forth. Chakra is taken from the piston when it's pulled back with the two large wires attached, allowing the system the look and feel of a real bow and arrow, and when let go ot transfers the chakra to the barrel for the shot. The weapon itself is a bladed bow with a singular grip below the weapons barrel. This is so it can be used as a melee weapon when in close-quarters or when using chakra isn't appropriate.

Note: The default firing range for this weapon is about 25 (twenty five) meters; this range is lowered to 15 (fifteen) meters when the user fires while running, jumping, riding on an animal or performing other aggressive movements.. The usage of chakra arrows must come from a technique being used. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Cost: 20,000 Ryo

Deltitm MKI Crossbow
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Primary / Ranged
Description: The Delti Crossbow is another technological marvel of reverse engineering ancient weaponry into modern day weapons. The crossbow has been altered with a chakra firing system and barrel like the Drago Bow, but it's mounted onto a lever action system. This allows chakra to be blasted multiple times in a rapid pace still retaining a smaller chakra arrow. The blades from the Drago are removed, and an ejection lever and handle for the weapon are added. A chakra clip can be added to the clip and used to funnel chakra into the weapon so it can fire, but the weapon has an overheating problem thanks to the rapid chakra so clips can be ejected and reloaded in a chambering system.

Note: The delti crossbow has a default range of 40 (fourty) meters; this range is lowered to 25 (twenty-five) meters when the user fires while running, jumping, riding on an animal or performing other aggressive movements. No Denki Kyuudou techniques may be used with crossbows.
Cost: 80,000 Ryo

Chakra Clip.
Rank: B-Rank
Type: secondary
Special: 2 per Pack
Chakra Storage: High per Clip, x2 High per Pack
Description: The chakra clip is needed for the crossbow. It's a throwaway pack for when using the crossbow, as these overheat extremely fast and must be ejected from the crossbow unit.
Cost:10,000 ryo per pack

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3 Re: Denki Kyuudou (Energy Bow Skill) on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:47 pm


Denki Kyuudou:

Energy Splash
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Passive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: Low per turn.

    Dangerous Energy, funnels chakra instinctively through the body, and into the bow. This technique doesn't require hand-seals; nor does it require a charge period. Note: Without this technique activated no Denki Kyuudou techniques can be used. The bow or crossbow will remain inactive until the technique becomes active. Because of the simple way that this technique works it allows anyone with even minimal chakra control to use a bow.

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