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Jail System

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Jail System

The Reasons:

Now as most of you know thanks to the modern day tone of the RP. That some things from real life have been instilled into this AU. The biggest thing is the fact you can go to jail. Now jail in this Naruto role play depends for a character on a variable of reasons. There might even be events where a jury of your peer RPer's get to decide your fate if the charges are sever enough. The main thing to get out of this information is that this isn't a free for all. You slip up you might get a one way ticket to Rengoku.

The Enforcers:

Samurai for all intensive purposes are Police Officers. They protect and serve the interests of the cities that they have sworn to protect, and have the ability to 'lock' character's up per say. But that doesn't mean that the law turns a blind eye to them If they get caught doing anything even slightly illegal in a sense. They can receive harsher sentences then a civilian or even a ninja. This is because the samurai are held to a higher standard then the everyday citizen, and if they are derelict or cause harm themselves they have broken the social contract and trust and must be made an example of.


Now crimes of course for a character will cause them to either go to jail, or be charted off to the Water Country to Rengoku Penitentiary. Crimes will come in by categories with Category One being the lowest and Category 10 being the most horrible. The sentencing on each category will be placed on a character by the presiding judge's whim, but it can't be exaggerated.

Category 1 | Max 3 Months (OOC 1 day)
Category 10 | Max Life (Permanent unless payed fine/bribe or being broken out)

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