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The Senju Clan

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1The Senju Clan Empty The Senju Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:41 pm


The Senju Clan Senju_Symbol

Senju, also known as “the clan with a thousand skills,” has existed since the beginning of the Shinobi era, and is one of the strongest clans within Shinobi history. The founder of the Senju clan was claimed to be a descendant of the Rikudou Sennin, and that descendant was empowered by the chakra of him, strengthening his body and his Ninjutsu to be stronger than what the standard was. Being as successful as the clan was because of their natural born skill to master practically any Shinobi art, they eventually came to rival the Uchiha clan— who could copy practically any Shinobi art. Still, the Senju had remained upon top of the Shinobi world for many years, not a single clan was able to match them in power.

The Senju clan is broken up into two types; there are the ones who could specialize in one of the thousand skills and be able to perform supernatural features with it, and then those who could master all one thousands skills, and take their power to a legendary level. Those who specialized in a specific skill, could only utilize one of the basic elements or skills, while the other could utilize two elements, but to nowhere near the extent as the former, but the latter can combine the two elements to create a new one— far more powerful than the standard. Though, there is one ability that all Senju share, “Menzen (Presence),” but only those who have lived long enough to create an inner presence within them can cast it outward into the world. This ability allows the Senju to extend their own chakra from within their body to effect the outside world in a manner of destruction or binding in one way or another.



    1. May only be Ninjutsu/Genjutsu Primaries.2. Requires Administration Approval.3. Menzen requires questing.

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2The Senju Clan Empty Re: The Senju Clan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:43 pm


Clan Jutsu:

Tenkei (Gift of Nature)
Rank: S
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: x2 Mid per Jutsu
    On his dying bed, the Sage of the Six Paths had bestowed the power of his “body” upon the Senju Ancestor, who would later become the forefather of the entire Senju Clan. With the inherited life force and physical energy of the Sage’s flowing through his body, he went on into the world attempting to spread peace and love through his father’s methods of the Ninja Sect. The Senju Clan, unlike any other clan, fully understood Ninjutsu and knew how it was really meant to be used and knew how to use it in many other ways. They possessed a level of Ninjutsu that could be rivaled by no one else— their jutsu is x2 stronger and more durable than the standard.

    Though, there are two types of Senju, one’s that specialize in a specific skill and ones that have mastered everything. Those who have specialized in one skill (anyone ninjutsu tree style) can increase the strength and durability of it by x2, but only limited to one element. Styles such as Fuuinjutsu and Inton have a different ability, when those who use it cast a Genjutsu upon someone, in order to break the Genjutsu, they have to pay twice the cost of the Genjutsu’s consumption. As for Fuuinjutsu, the effects of their seals are increased by x2. And finally, those who have mastered all skills who possess an Advanced Release increase the strength and durability of that release, solely, by x2. It requires a cost of x2 Mid per jutsu to use this— but all Senju must use this, as it is automatic.
Menzen (Presence)
Rank: S
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: High - x2 Massive
    Menzen is a technique developed by the Senju clan to keep them from falling into the hands of Genjutsu users, such as the Uchiha. Menzen is more of a spiritual technique rather than a simple chakra-based one, and in order to build an inner presence within the Senju, they have to have the utmost confidence within themselves and their abilities. Though, that is not enough, they must prove it to themselves through battle or it will not work, they would doubt their abilities deep down if it is not put to the test. If a Senju who is placed under a Genjutsu has the ability to utilize Menzen, they can immediately counter the Genjutsu the very moment it is casted upon them.

    Depending on the amount of chakra used to cast the Genjutsu, the user will pay the same cost to break it, but cannot pay under a High worth of chakra. By simply allowing their chakra to seep out and to whoever or whatever they want, they can put a large amount of pressure upon the victim or object. If the user emits more chakra than the victim has, they will be permanently bound to the spot they are until the user frees them, or if the user dies— though to keep them bound the user has to remain focused upon them. If the user emits less chakra than the victims, it will have no effect— but if the same amount that the victim has is used, they are able to pause them briefly. The user is able to cast Menzen upon multiple people or objects as long as they can focus upon all of them.

    Note: Requires questing.

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