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Kugutsu Techniques

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1 Kugutsu Techniques on Wed Dec 24, 2014 3:12 pm


Puppetry Basics and Specfics:

    Generally, no two puppets are the same. They come in all shapes and sizes, which is why they must always be submitted as a custom. When creating and purchasing a puppet, one can mix and match a variety of things. This includes size, the amount of slots and the material (plating) the puppet comes with. To determine these, use the points below.As with other weapons and jutsu, a puppet's rank serves to represent its base size. Size limits are loose and can shape themselves in any way the user sees fit, as long as the total dimensions don’t exceed the general base given.

      D: Puppets of this classification are generally small rodents or animals, such as: a mouse, fox, dog, cat, falcons, etc. These puppets can only be made from the weakest and cheapest materials.C-B: Puppets of this classification are much larger than their d-rank counterparts, and are closer in the range of humanoids and larger animals, such as: wolves, eagles, leopards, etc. These puppets require sturdier material to build, and are much more durable than d-rank puppets.A-S: Puppets of this classification are the largest size puppet a master may create. Capable of being double the size of a fully matured adult, they can also fashion large creatures, such as: lions, bears, tigers, sharks (great whites, etc), etc (no whales, elephants, or animals of massive size). These puppets have access to curated materials which are substantially stronger than any other material.

    A puppet's defensive capability, or durability, is determined by the material it's made of. Because puppets are more so weapons, and thusly subject to breaking no different than a sword, it’s very important to choose the right materials when crafting your puppet.Of course, some materials are only available to certain ranks of puppets. These are:

      D: Wire and hardened plastic are the cheapest, but weakest, materials a puppeteer may use to make their puppets. These puppets are easily destroyed by any rank of jutsu, and can only sustain a pair [2] of direct hits from traditional weaponry (blades, hammers, etc).

        Cost: 500 ryo.

      C-B: Wood is the next level of puppet making, and where you begin to see more traditional-esque puppets.  While they certainly are not the most durable puppets, they are considerably more reliable than the d-rank class. Only very special wood – as durable as rock and stone – is used to make this class of puppets, allowing them to handle a moderate amount of damage. These puppets can endure a handful of direct assaults [5] from jutsu of c-rank and below, are immune to typical projectiles, and can tolerate up to ten [10] hits from traditional weaponry (blades, hammers, etc.).

        Cost: 3,500 ryo.

      A-S: Chemically treated materials are available to this level of puppetry. These specially curated reagents boast an impressive steel-like durability, yet are incredibly light weight and command unprecedented speed and strength (x2 that of your average shinobi). These master puppets are capable of withstanding a handful of direct assaults [7] from jutsu of b-rank and above, are immune to standard projectiles and d-rank jutsu, and can tolerate up to fourteen [14] hits from traditional weaponry (blades, hammers, etc).

        Cost: 10,000 ryo.

    As a puppeteer, one is entitled to their first puppet being free, fully loaded with a preset build of attachments that max out a puppet's slot-space amount. Ammunition must be bought separately. These "free" puppets are the lowest rank accessible to the shinobi level (this means a Genin would start with a d-rank puppet for free, not a c-rank). Furthermore, players are not locked into their puppet ranks (this means that a Genin could purchase an s-rank puppet, presuming they have the ryo). The puppets available to a shinobi are determined by their personal rank:

      Genin: D-CChuunin: B.Jounin: A-S.

    Puppets possess a Slot System that represents storage for different kinds of attachments in order to further customize the puppet's offensive capabilities. Keep in mind that the amount of slots a piece takes up is the amount it can house of any item. As the puppet's rank rises, so does their holding capabilities.

      D:15 slots.C: 30 slots.B: 45 slots.A: 60 slots.S: 75 slots.

    Systems allow a puppeteer to achieve things with their puppet normally impossible, from swimming to crossing hazardous territory. Systems are upgrades vital for having the upper-hand in battle:

      Underwater: Without this system, puppets freeze up and fail to move while underwater due to weight, material and flooding issues.Underground: Without this system, puppets freeze up when sand, dirt or dust clog their joints, making it impossible to move in tough terrain.Quick-Switching: Changing gear on puppets is not an instant thing, as one needs to properly move out parts within the puppet and attach new ones. However, with the quick-switch system, any part adjustments can be done on the fly (provided a spare part is kept close)!Storage: Puppets may be either carried visibly, in some sort of holder, or stored in an equally ranked blank scroll - no more than a single puppet per scroll!

    Notice: Puppets, like anything else that is submitted to breakability, can be repaired by either PC or NPC Craftsman, as long as they are in good enough condition to be salvaged! It should be noted that these guidelines are to be applied with common sense, and not on face value.If a player has a d-rank technique that drops a mountain on their enemy, and they use it on your s-rank puppet, your puppet is going to be completely destroyed. However, if they have a d-rank water bullet, your s-rank puppet will simply shrug it off.

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2 Re: Kugutsu Techniques on Wed Dec 24, 2014 3:15 pm


Puppet Weapons, Accessories, and Protectorates:

    Power VortexRank: DType: Ranged / Attachment.Special: This vacuum is generated by the puppets powerful integrated chakra system, allowing it to quickly devour mist, smoke, and small projectiles. This cone-shape vacuum is roughly ten meters at its widest point (the end), progressively becoming narrower the closer it is to the puppet. This takes up four [ 4 ] slots.Description: This is a powerful vacuum that sucks objects directly into the puppet’s body. Gaseous materials are filtered through a complex system of tubes, where they are then released as harmless oxygen. Projectiles, however, are able to be circulated into the puppet’s launcher systems and thusly used to their advantage.Cost: 250 ryo. Natural WeaponsRank: DType: Puppet Attachment / MeleeSpecial: These weapons can be a maximum of one meter long, and four inches wide. They take up two [ 2 ] slots.Description: Claws, spikes, horns and other such natural weapons can be a great constant offensive or defensive tool if used the right way. These are modifications given directly to the puppets natural appendages, hence the name (i.e turning their fingers into claws, rather than actual fingers).Cost: 250 ryo.Net CannonRank: DType: Ranged / AttachmentSpecial: This attachment occupies two [ 2 ] slots. The net can be fired a maximum of ten meters, and covers a diameter of two meters. Three nets come per purchase.Description: A cannon style tube in any part of the puppets body. Using a pneumatic system, it can fire out a weighted rope net with incredible speed. Though weighted down on the ends, this net has no modified properties and can easily be cut with traditional instruments.Cost: 250 ryo.Multipurpose Projectile LauncherRank: D - CType: Ranged / AttachmentSpecial: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The maximum amount of packages able to be fired, and their distance, also depend on rank. All secondary weapons that can be used as projectiles are able to be fired from this item (any combination, so long as the pack limit isn't exceeded).

      D: 5 Packs, 5 Meters [ 2 slots ].C: 10 packs, 10 meters [ 4 slots ].

    Description: This attachment is a shaft that is inserted into a part of the puppet's body (usually an arm, or the head). Through the use of pneumatic force, the puppet can launch a series of projectiles from the modified area. This allows for a deadly and effective surprise attack.Cost: D – 250, C – 500 ryo.Rotary SawRank: D - CType: Melee / AttachmentSpecial: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank.

      D: 2 feet diameter [ 2 slots ]C: 3 foot diameter [ 4 slots ]

    Description: A fast spinning saw that can cut something in two with time to spare. The saws are circular in shape – the blades can collapse, much like a fan, for adequate storage – and spin at incredible speeds, increasing their cutting strength. Additionally, for a last ditch effort, they can be fired accurately for up to five meters.Cost: D – 250, C – 500 ryo.Smoke GeneratorRank: CType: Range / AttachmentSpecial: This attachment occupies four [ 4 ] slots. The user can replace this with poisonous gas at their discretion, otherwise it will simply be traditional smoke. The smoke (smoke bomb) and poisons must be bought specifically and then added to this device. The smoke screen created is 10x10 meters.Description: Several small tubes going in and out of the puppet at any number of points. The tubes all lead to an internal cavity in which the pressurized smoke is stored. By lifting the internal gates that hold the pressurized smoke in the puppets body it can be expelled at a tremendous rate.Cost: 500 ryo.Elongating TailRank: D - SType: Ranged / Attachment.Special: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The size and length of the tail also depends on the rank.

      D: 3 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 10 slots ].C: 6 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 20 slots ].B: 9 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 30 slots ].A: 12 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 40 slots ].S: 15 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 50 slots ].

    Description: A pointed tail that can be extended or completely sheathed in the puppets body. The sharp point at the end can act similar to the point of a blade or spear and puncture multiple targets.Cost: D – 250, C – 500, B – 1,000, A – 5,000, S- 10,000 ryo.Hydraulic PistonRank: D - CType: Melee / Attachment.Special: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The size of the piston also depends on the rank.

      D: 1 meter [  slots ].C: 2 meter [ 4 slots].

    Description: A large metal bar that can be pointed or spiked at the users discretion. The piston moves in and out of the body when activated with tremendous speed and force. If one was struck with a fast moving piston it would deal incredible concussive force, as well as possibly pierce into the target. The piston can also be inserted into joints causing limbs or weapons to act as the fast moving object rather than the piston itself.Cost: D – 250, C – 500 ryo.Power DrillRank: D - BType: Melee / Attachment.Special: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The bore capability is also depends on the rank.

      D: 1 meter bore [ 4 slots].C: 2 meter bore [ 8 slots ].B: 3 meter bore [ 12 slots].

    Description: A large metal drill that spins at a powerful rate. The drill spins with enough force to tear into most structures and eventually pierce completely through it. The drill can also be inserted into joints causing limbs or weapons to act as the fast spinning object rather than the drill itself.Cost: D – 250, C – 500, B – 1,000 ryo.Extendable LimbsRank: D - SType: Ranged / Attachment.Special: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The extendable length also depends on the rank.

      D: 3 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 2 slots ].C: 6 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 4 slots ].B: 9 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 6 slots ].A: 12 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 8 slots ].S: 15 meters long, 1 meter wide [ 10 slots ].

    Description: A system of folding structures that allows a limb to stretch farther than it's normal reach. This works by adding in a flexible spacer every few inches or so in the limb’s structure, giving it the ability to reach farther and flexibly maneuver.Cost: D – 250, C – 500, B – 1,000, A – 5,000, S- 10,000 ryo.Crushing LimbsRank: D - AType: Melee / Attachment.Special: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The materials able to be crushed also depend on rank.

      D: Glass [ 2 slots].C: Wood & Bone [ 4 slots ].B: Ice & Stone [ 6 slots ].A: Metal & Armor [ 8 slots ].

    Description: A system of two crushing plates, spiked or flat at the users discretion. The plates can be in any two places or operate as a limb in and of themselves. Through pneumatic force the plates slam together, crushing whatever is between them with incredible power.Cost: D – 250, C – 500, B – 1,000, A – 5,000 ryo.Rocket Projectile LimbsRank: D - BType: Ranged \ Attachment.Special: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The rocket limbs are tethered to the puppet’s body by further extension of the chakra thread linked to their body. These limbs move at roughly x2 the speed of your average shinobi. Each purchase affects only one limb.

      D: 5 meters [ 2 slots ].C: 10 meters [ 4 slots ].B: 15 meters [ 6 slots ].

    Description: Using a miniature booster system on a particular limb, a puppeteer is able to launch the modified appendage at a target with tremendous force and speed. Though connected to the puppet by the very same chakra threads that give it movement, these projectiles are only able to move in a linear path. However, they can be recalled at any given time.Cost: D – 250, C – 500, B – 1,000 ryo (per limb).Limb DetonationRank: D - SType: Range / ModificationSpecial: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. The size of the explosion also varies depending on rank. Because of the added weight of these limb, they cannot be thrown over a maximum of five [ 5 ] meters.

      D: 2 meter explosion [ 2 slots ]C: 3 meter explosion [ 4 slots ].B: 4 meter explosion [ 6 slots ].A: 5 meter explosion [ 8 slots ].S: 6 meter explosion [ 10 slots ].

    Description: A high-powered bomb that has been integrated into the limb of a puppet. Once activated, the limb in question goes up in one large explosion. The power is high enough to send shrapnel in every direction, resulting in literal “second chance” at claiming your opponent assuming they evaded the initial explosion. If used while attached to the puppet, it will destroy it.Cost: D – 250, C – 500, B – 1,000, A – 5,000, S- 10,000 ryo (per limb).Trap BodyRank: BType: Melee / AttachmentSpecial: The amount of slots this item occupies is relative to its rank. This cell is incredibly durable, and the amount of damage it can withstand  before breaking is subject to administrative discretion (use common sense). Only one person can fit in each cell at any given time.Description: A combination of a large opening in a puppets body and a system of latches allowing the puppet to open itself up in some manner. By closing those latches with a target in the space of the opening, the puppet can effectively trap a target within. The target can be held until either released or the holding cell is broken. Presuming it is the latter, the latches are broken and the puppet remains in its “opened form” until fixed.Cost: 1,000 ryo.Multipurpose Elemental CannonsRank: SType: Range / Attachment.Special: This attachment occupies twenty [ 20 ] slots. These cannons are purchased in pairs, can be fired accurately up to a maximum of ten meters, and give the puppet access to concentrated streams of one of the following elements or substances:

      Foam: This foam rapidly expands once it reaches a surface, and then quickly begins to harden into a concrete-like consistency.Fire: These concentrated flames are scorching hot, super-heating nearby surroundings (within 3 meters of the streams) and melt stone (this can only be achieved when the flame has been on the stone for over two posts).Water: Opposite to fire, the water cannons can be fired with two distinct pressurization. The first is sheer blunt force (comparable to a fire-hydrant), while the other jettisons the beams so fiercely they can cut cleanly through stone.Sound: This allows the puppet to release a disorientating sound way in all directions for ten meters (and distinguishable by a seemingly "warped-like space". The puppet must remain still while this is in effect, and will harm enemies and friends alike. Those effected by this sound wave will operate at 25% efficiency for as long as they remain within its boundaries (and suffer other side effects such as loss of balance, distorted vision, nausea, etc).Shock Force: This allows the puppet to release an electrical charge in the shape of a bolt. Upon contact with an enemy, it will paralyze them for one post.

    Description: A series of tube-like modifications integrated into a puppet's system that allows it to release a variety of elements accessible to it. Generally located in the hands, these allow the puppet to bolster its offensive capabilities and utility a great deal without hindering its functionality. While expensive, they are well worth the purchase.Cost: 10,000 ryo (per).Modified Systems ManagerRank: SType: ModificationSpecial: This modification occupies ten [ 10 ] slots (per system). Each systems allows a puppet modified with it to fulfill the role of a specific niche. Puppets attempting to perform the duties listed in the specific system will only be able to do such at 25% capacity.

      Burrow: This system allows the puppet to burrow (dig), while making it immune to clogging and jamming from minerals and finer materials. Because of this, puppets with this system are notably resistant to elements such as Saton (Sand), Doton (Earth), and other elements of that nature.Swimming: This system allows the puppet to swim and function without hindrance while fully submerged in liquids. Because of this (and the lack of physical restrictions), all puppets move at full speed when submerged.Quick-Switch: This system allows the puppeteer to instantly switch and alternate parts on their puppet. Assuming a part is destroyed or rendered useless, the user can summon an additional part and immediately equip it to their puppet.Recording and Projection: This system allows the puppet to record anything that its sees and play it back at a later date. Though the quality varies, depending on the puppet's surroundings, it is generally clear. Rapid movement, however, hinders it quite severely (often times making it blurry). This ability has a thirty meter range.

    Description: A variety of modification systems to increase a puppet's effectiveness. All the way from swimming to recording images and videos, these systems offer a puppet unbridled utility. Puppets can boast multiple systems at once, assuming their master has the coin to spare. They aren't cheap.Cost: 10,000 ryo (per).Self-Destruct DeviceRank: SType: ModificationSpecial: This modification occupies twenty [ 20 ] slots. The device takes one full post to charge, at which point the puppet is rendered useless; at the end of the charge the puppet will immediately detonate. The explosion generated by this is twenty meters in all direction. Once used, the modified puppet cannot be salvaged. The charging period can be negated if the puppet is destroyed before it can reach maximum power, or struck with an electrical charge equivalent to x2 High worth of chakra or more. This modification can only be used on A-rank and S-rank puppets.Description: This high-powered bomb is located at the center of the puppet, in its chest (or chest-equivalent). After a brief charging period, the puppet will detonate in a marvelous explosion and take anything within twenty meters of its person along with it. Generally used as a last resort, or when the puppet has suffered tremendous damage, this is a puppeteer's last ditch effort to take their enemy out.Cost: 30,000 ryo.

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