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Banned and Limited System

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1 Banned and Limited System on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:27 pm


Banned and Limited System:

Banned Clans, Weapons, and Items:
Guns, Biological Weapons
Fūma Clan and its Jutsu

Banned Jutsu:
Great Spiraling Ring and its variations
Copying KKG Jutsu
Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood
Earth Release: Antlion Technique
Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique
Time and Space Manipulation Jutsu other than Kamui
Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Life Technique Release
Twin Snakes Mutual Death Technique
Jutsu that controls someone against their will (Yamanaka and Nara Excluded)
Living Corpse Reincarnation
Dark Release

Limited Jutsu:
Face Copying Technique
Fission Technique
One's Own Life Resurrection
Soft Physique Modification
Flying Thunder God
Execution by Kiss
Creation Rebirth
Dead Soul Technique
Dead Demon Consuming Technique
Earth Grudge Fear
Sage Mode
Human Puppetry
Yin Healing Wound Destruction
Mind's Eye of Kagura
Heal Bite
Curse Seals and variants
Lightning Release: Hell Stab

Limited Items or Weapons:
Sage of Six Paths Weapons
Seven Swords of the Mist
Heroes Water

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