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General Rules

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1General Rules Empty General Rules on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:23 pm


Please follow all of these rules accordingly. Any violations of the rules will be noted accordingly and consequences shall occur.

•All applications which are pending for approval, may not be used in your threads. You may test them out in the arena but not in IIC threads.

•Please avoid having flame wars in the Chat box, or on posts. If it comes to it, I will make a thread specifically for people to get stuff off their chest, IF and ONLY IF, people are having a hard time following this rule. If it gets out if hand even then, then staff will have to act accordingly.

•Please refrain from posting one liners. Ideal posts should be in detail, with about one paragraph minimum and with at least five sentences. If you are in a hurry, tell those who you're rping with that you can't post now, and may post later so you could have more time. In a private topic, if both or all parties agree, shorter posts may be allowed.

•No Godmodding at all. This includes your character never getting tired, controlling another character, and having anything God-like like let's say taking a kunai to the face and not being hurt.

•Discrimination of any form is not allowed. If me, an admin, or another mod see this, it's an automatic ban.

•Respect the staff please, I don't like banning people so don't make me do it.

•Do not post in dead topics at all, unless you intend to revive it or continue the thread.

•You may be in multiple threads at once, however, you must also keep track of all of them. You must make a thread timeline of every thread just so the time plum or storyline isn't messed up due to multiple threads. After every thread, you must update your timeline.

•Mild cursing or swearing is allowed, but please refrain from making your posts full of curse words. There are people who would rather not read a curse word every sentence.

•Do not Meta-game. This means no reading a thread and then automatically knowing what was in that thread without anyone saying something or hinting something from the thread.

•Post your jutsu either in a spoiler or in a code after your RP. This means at the bottom of your post, so anyone in your thread, and you yourself, knows how much chakra you have left.

•Follow the Posting Order of a topic. Unless someone has become inactive, you cannot post in the wrong order. The reason for this rule is so no one is left out or given the upper hand because of someone else having more actions than the rest, particularly in a fight.

•Do not use unapproved anything in an active topic. If you get anything gained through approvals or buying, you cannot use it until you get in a topic which started AFTER you got whatever it is. This goes along with the meta-gaming rule that restricts character information.

•To use an item in a topic, you must have it approved and or bought. It can't be used otherwise.

•From time to time the staff won't be able to look at a post right away for various reasons. When this happens a person's natural reaction seems to be posting a "bump" in that topic, we please ask that you refrain from doing this. However if you feel you have something extremely important,you are allowed to bump it yourself but only after a minimum of 48 hours.

•No face claims from canon Naruto please. Be original with your character.

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