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EXP/Jutsu/Chakra System

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1EXP/Jutsu/Chakra System Empty EXP/Jutsu/Chakra System on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:21 pm


EXP System:

Recieving EXP:

The most important factor in developing your character is the EXP you earn.  

Gaining EXP is pretty simple here on NRP.  Every IC or In-Character post that you make will accumulate 10 EXP for your character.  

On top of this is the EXP that accompanies performing Missions (Insert Link) and there are even multipliers added for characters who characters who act as Teams, Squads, and Cells (Insert Link).

Spending Your EXP:
Now you might be asking yourself: "What the hell do I do with all this EXP I've earned since I joined this place?"

Well, you'll be using your EXP to purchase your jutsu. You'll also be using your EXP to purchase unique factors (click link for more information) for your character. These unique factors included, but are not limited to:

A greater chakra reserve and increased natural strength and speed. Of course, things like this will cost more EXP to obtain than your conventional jutsu, but we'll make sure that they're worth your points.  

Think of EXP as your character's "ability leveling" currency.

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2EXP/Jutsu/Chakra System Empty Re: EXP/Jutsu/Chakra System on Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:01 am



Here at NRP, jutsu are divided between ranks to signify a difference in their ability, often times their power (though this isn't always the case), and what they are capable of in terms of utility and overall usefulness. As the rank of the jutsu "grows," so does its potential. In the world of Naruto, jutsu are ranked normally from 'E' to 'S'. Special ranks also exist, though only for rare occasions. Below is list of examples of a jutsu or item for each rank, their costs, to better help you understand the difference!

  • 'E' - 5 EXP

      More often than not, these are the Academy style jutsu; simple, basic stuff. Barely any damage. Think of Kawarimi and Bunshin no Jutsu!

  • 'D' - 25 EXP

      Of the most basic type, though not as academic as 'E' ranked creations. Usually small damage or some sort of assistance. Think of Shunshin, or a jutsu that improves your sight or hearing, for example. Item-wise, perhaps a Kunai, or some sort of simple secondary weapon.

  • 'C' - 50 EXP

      Though not overly serious, these types of creations now offer some sort of situation changing result, without requiring too much energy. Moderate damage can be produced from this, like small fireballs being spat, or a miniature thunderbolt. Item wise, think of basic, generic main weapons with no special value. These are usually a Genin's main set of techniques.

  • 'B' - 100 EXP

      This is where creations get serious. The results of these creations are not to be ignored, and can often result in widespread effects. Think of mass healing, advanced control creation, or even creating a wave of sand as tall as a building. Item-wise, think of main weapons with a few somewhat special traits to them. These are usually a Chuunin's main set of techniques.

  • 'A' - 150 EXP

      A very serious level of creation, jutsu and items marked as this are usually used sparingly due tot heir strength. Higher levels of stamina and chakra are required to wield these kinds of creations. Think of special weapons with multiple abilities, jutsu that can go through many barriers, giant explosions, etc. These are usually a Jounin's main set of techniques.

  • 'S' - 300 EXP

      One of the strongest, these creations are known as the stuff of lore, with only recognize leaders and figureheads wielding their power and knowledge. Think of village wide techniques, one of a kind items, summons, etc. These are usually a Kage's main set of techniques.

  • 'SS' - 600 EXP

      The SS class of techniques is usually reserved for the forbidden or extremely rare. There are only a few of these in the entire Naruto universe, all of which boast truly devastating capabilities. It should be noted that characters my only possess one of these techniques, regardless of their level.

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3EXP/Jutsu/Chakra System Empty Re: EXP/Jutsu/Chakra System on Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:04 am



Although the honor system has served as a base for many players in terms of how to gauge an event and the usage of chakra behind their creations, heated situations required a more detailed, technical system. As such, we present to you the consumption system!

As its name implies, the consumption system helps the players understand how their jutsu is costing them chakra wise by given them a general idea of what the jutsu costs in the first place. This, coupled with modifications found in their Main Types and Base Rank helps establish what kind of chakra potential a user can have.

Chakra consumption can be classified as follows:
    Low: This is the lowest chakra consumption. These jutsu are very simple in execution, and as such are very easy to repeat.

    Mid: Although not the easiest, these techniques are still light in terms of chakra consumption. Slightly more complex, the execution of these types of techniques is still simple enough for them to be repeated more than once without consequence on the use.

    High: These are the more serious techniques. These jutsu have high chakra consumption levels because they tend to deliver destructive results, and are stronger than most. Of the harder jutsu to execute and master, the usage of these types of techniques is quite complex and as such, should be used sparingly .

    Massive: As its name implies, these techniques are ridiculous in consumption, and as such, are usually one-shots that tend to not be repeated more than once a thread. Because they require so much energy, they also possess ridiculous power. Although these techniques tend to range in rank depending on circumstance, because of their taxing consumption these techniques usually wind up being forbidden or special for that very reason.
With this in mind, the levels of consumption are relative to each other and directly effect the next level above or below them. As of now, your chakra can be measured as such: two lows are equivalent to one mid; four mids are equivalent to one high; four highs are equivalent to one massive.

Numerically speaking, it would look like this: 32 lows = 16 mids = 4 highs = 1 massive.

This means that if you used 32 lows in a fight, you would effectively be out of chakra (being as how 32 lows equates to 16 mids and so on and so forth). If you used four highs, you would be out of chakra as well.

This simple, but effective, system will allow you and staff to actively monitor your chakra during battles and events. Every player has access to one massive worth of chakra at any given time.

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