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Encounter System

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1Encounter System Empty Encounter System on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:17 pm


Random Encounter System:

The NRP world is full of potentially dangerous opponents and obstacles that are naturally difficult to surmount. To simulate this environment we have come up with the Random Encounter system! Most writers should be familiar with the basic idea, which can be found in many roleplaying video games; the player character (PC) is pitted against a non-player character (NPC) for various spoils and rewards, allowing them to grow ever stronger.

Unlike a video game, however, our battles will not be calculated by a movement formula. If the player feels a fight against an NPC would help further the plot in their thread, they simply need to contact one of our various staff members—a Lead Moderator, Moderator, Storyteller, or Battle Moderator! From that point the process is simple.

The staff member will roll two dice, one to determine the type of enemy and the other to determine the amount. Depending on the outcome, the characters in your thread will then be challenged by the specified NPCs. Should you defeat them, the reward is yours! Be warned, however, that death of your character is entirely possible.

Spoils come in two types: experience and items. So long as you win the battle against your foe(s)—whether the NPC dies or retreats—you will receive a cut of EXP. The amount depends on their difficulty level, how many you were forced to fight, and your overall writing ability.

The actual amount awarded will be determined by a Moderator or Lead Moderator, but you can be assured that it will always fall within a certain scale:

  • D: 010 - 050 EXP.

  • C: 050 - 100 EXP.

  • B: 100 - 150 EXP.

  • A: 150 - 200 EXP.

  • S: 200 - 250 EXP.

The lowest amount will be given to the player who has made no attempt at quality posts throughout their fight; the highest will be given to those who have great quality. Keep in mind that this does not include how long your posts are, but how well you write! As for items, if you've managed to kill your opponent(s) you are free to loot whatever was on their corpse. If you do not defeat your opponent you will not receive any EXP or loot.

Your reward does stack on top of the normal 10 EXP points you get per post for a thread and mission rewards, so even an attempt is worth it!

However, there is still a chance that you'll run into an opponent that is stronger than you; it's completely random! Please ask for an encounter at your own risk.

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