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Combat System

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1Combat System Empty Combat System on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:16 pm


Combat System:

Some may know of this system while others may not have at all. Hence, the reason that this thread even exists. Mostly, it determines how you can do certain things in certain situations. This specific guideline will be geared a bit toward our expectations on this forum within the Naruto Role-Play Setting.

The basic principle of TBL is in the name: Turn Based Logic. This is what makes the system adaptive. The idea is that your actions, or turns, must be logical to the setting you're RPing in. You need to see what others do and don't do then apply it to your own post with some real life aspects as well like gravity etc.

Key Things:

For example, people in Naruto are obviously more agile than the average human. They can do flips, jumps, and hurtles more than an average human. However, that doesn't mean physics is tossed to the wind. Obviously things like momentum, power, timing, distance are still extremely important. This is particularly important to keep in mind. These details can make or break a battle.

The more detailed you are, the less likely you are to end up in an argument. Even though it's extremely possible that arguments will still happen. That's where staff and everyone in it step and and solve the incident or argument.


Actions are what make up TBL and need to be addressed. Under a TBL system, you need to keep things as simple as possible without being too simple. TBL functions slightly on the principle of post count (for example an attack might take two or three turns to prepare), but that can be thrown out the window if your character does way too many things at once and in the same post. You may just end up having all those actions voided with a simple block or something.

You need to cut down what you do, it's really not that difficult to do. There's no simple one action per post rule because that will almost never happen in a post. People do many things in a single post whether it be eating a apple then wiping the juice off their face or something else. Try to never drift far over three significant actions in a post, and only one of which should really be an attack.

It doesn't hurt to wait until the next post around to do something because if you do, it usually ends up with you on top.

Time does not simply run by the duration of posts (3 posts isn't necessarily always 3 minutes of action), it's all relative to what you do in each post. If you do a lot in one post, your opponent may be able to justify 5 minutes of action and interrupt you at any point over the course of what you do. This shouldn't be very difficult to understand, just use common sense in your posts. If your opponent casts 17 handseals in their post and you cast 3 in an attempt to use a jutsu to interrupt, you will, without a doubt, finish before they do.

Combat Rewinding:

This issue is something that even incredibly competent players can run into problems with, so it's a pretty important detail to cover here. Anytime you take back an action in your post, you need to be extremely wary that in many situations, you can't.

Combat rewinds are not always against the rules. You just need to know when and where they're appropriate. To put it simply, is there something obvious your character sees that would tell him to change what he's doing? And is there enough time to change your action?

Just because you failed to account for something in your post doesn't mean you can backtrack. And you need to keep in mind that you can never ever take back certain things: most outstandingly, you can't take back hits you've taken. If you are punched in the face and you accept falling to the ground, you can't go back one round later and say "well, whoops, I didn't want to do that." The only time this is acceptable is when both parties agree that it never happened and state this in their posts.

Hidden Things:

Especially because this is Naruto, it's perfectly legitimate for you to try and sneak things in, to not make everything terribly obvious in your posts, but you need to keep in mind that this isn't a universally applicable card to play.

The rule of thumb is this: if you can justify your opponent not noticing it or seeing it, you can simply hint at what you did. You need to have a hint (like handseals) in your post for it to be taken seriously later. If the hint is really obvious, you'll have a greater degree of leisure in how easily it can be applied. If you're unsure, inform a moderator or judge via PM beforehand to tell them what you're doing. We don't want to see people pulling things out of their ass, but at the same time, we don't expect you to play with all cards out on the table all of the time.

That said, if the opponent can justify noticing something ahead of time even f the post comes after the fact, in a situation where they may have walked into the trap, they can backtrack out of the action. This is something that's especially applicable with abilities like the Sharingan, and the Byakugan. It may not be obvious to the player, but it would be obvious to the character. In situations like that, so long as it is done tactfully, rolling back a post or round may be permitted.

Finally, all concealed jutsu should have an included handseal count, accounting for whatever is formed out of sight. This will allow mods and staff to look back, in addition to possible OOC information provided, supporting that whatever it concealed is actually used as intended. These handseal counts can be included in the spoilers where people post which jutsu they use, or written directly into the actions expressed in your posts.


It's come to our attention that there needs to be a little clarification in this zone. Handseals are used on this forum effectively as a measurement of time between characters and actions. Overall, from character to character, they will not differ much.

Yes, a Kage character could perform handseals faster than a genin in most instances. Will he completely eclipse the genin? Probably not, but he will, without much doubt, perform them at a considerably greater speed. Additionally, characters built for speed and agility will justifiably be able to perform handseals faster than balanced characters. Again, they won't completely trump their opponent. But for example, if the two characters begin performing six handseals at roughly the same time, the faster character will likely complete their set in a marginally shorter amount of time.

The issue of this came up over the discussion of outliers, which also needs to be addressed while on the matter. Naruto is a mess of inconsistencies logically. They throw things at us then turn around and contradict themselves later. In some cases we have outliers show up that occasionally are cited as what should be the rule on our forum. They aren't.

Step back, look at the general rule for most characters. In all likelihood, that is what moderators and administrators will use in combat-related arguments if and when they occur.

This will dually apply to any number of other issues. "Moving faster than the eye can see," "using massive chakra cost jutsus in repeated succession," etc.

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