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1Eizuo (Elite Samurai) Empty Eizuo (Elite Samurai) on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:25 pm


Eizuo (Elite Samurai) Eizou_zps58aa7458

The "Eizō" are a group of samurai assigned to special assortments of missions that are top priority, even top secret. Very much similar to the shinobi's ANBU, these samurai hide behind a mask that usually looks like a sort of Oni (Jap. for "demon"). Coming in all different colors, shapes & sizes, it is generally up to the user what mask they wear, if any. However, there is a special addition made to every mask of each member of this organization.

From the generic assassination attempts, to the always-thrilling hostage situations, there were many uses for the Eizō to be deployed with lethal anticipation. These samurai have honed in on their methods of fighting, and have now been granted a new plethora of responsibility, taking on assassinations routinely, and defending the village against any infiltrators. It is their task to keep select officials, such as the Shogun, alive and well during an invasion. Although, it is encouraged and acknowledged to save as many people of the village as you can by killing off all opposition during such an event. These are the most highly trained & ranked Samurai asides from the Shogun himself, most of which are Master Samurai, or extremely talented Adept Samurai.

    1. The Eizō profession is only available to samurai of Adept rank or higher.

    2. Becoming a Eizō requires nothing more than your Shogun's permission. On the contrary, if they are not completely sold on your skills, they reserve the right to test you with a Master/Shogun issued event. This event must be interactive and involve foreign shinobi/samurai, whether it's as simple as infiltrating a foreign village and stealing an item without getting caught, or assassinating another country's leader.

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2Eizuo (Elite Samurai) Empty Re: Eizuo (Elite Samurai) on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:26 pm


Operating directly beneath the Shogun, Eizō are considered a village's elite sect of Samurai. Because of this, they possess authority over all lesser ranks of samurai, making them vital assets during times of chaos and or confusion.

Their function extends well beyond this, however. While they are used as a village's policing force, they also serve the village's needs for high-profile assassinations on foreign soil. Victims of these assassinations vary, all the way from troublesome Jounin to Kages and even Daimyo. They are also used to stir and incite revolutions in small territories for governmental reasons, such as usurping a current ruler for the village to seat someone more to their tastes.

And while these missions are incredibly rare, they do happen. Successfully completing them yields a wealth of rewards for the participating members, including EXP and ryo.

Assignments of the Shogun:
    Being the right arm of their Shogun, Eizō are the only samurai eligible for high-profile Shogun Missions. These are given directly from their Shogun, and are generally very delicate in the sense that failure is not an option. On top of standard mission rewards (correlating to the universal system), successfully completing a Shogun Mission will yield a bonus 2'000 EXP and 30'000 ryo.

    It should be noted that Shogun Missions must be interactive missions, involving another village. Likewise, Shogun Mission assassinations can only be issued on other player characters; on the contrary, these assassinations can be issued on players of the same village.

    Shield and Sword: Eizō are the first line of defense and the executioners of any who dare oppose their village. In any event that their village is under attack, and the Eizō participates (and survives), they will receive a 1,000 EXP and 5,000 ryo reward. This bonus stacks per player kill that the Eizō achieves, for a maximum of 10'000 EXP and 50'000 ryo.

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3Eizuo (Elite Samurai) Empty Re: Eizuo (Elite Samurai) on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:26 pm


Eizō "Oni" Mask (any mask)
Rank: A
Type: Head
Limit: Eizō.
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Cost: 30,000 ryo.
    The official Eizō method of hiding one's identity, it is also a method of intimidation, referring to them as "Oni" (demon) masks due to their fierce designs ( seen here). It is also made of a very hard metal, only the most valuable, sturdy materials used to craft such a piece. It can even be worn with the horned headband with the Eizō armor, providing a rather full means of protection to his face and head. However, the part a samurai won't tell you about their masks is the special seal on the inside part of the mask, specifically near the eyes. This seal is able to be detonated, causing the mask to blow up with all the intensity of 5 explosive tags. This is a means of disposing of the Eizō's body as evidence, or even used to kill their target if in such a dire situation. Regardless, it is activated only by the raw chakra of a samurai. Thus, a shinobi has no means of causing the mask to detonate, as they have no knowledge of the Eizō's methods of seals (kanji).

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4Eizuo (Elite Samurai) Empty Re: Eizuo (Elite Samurai) on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:27 pm


Mugen Sāji no Jutsu (Endless Surge Technique)
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: --
Chakra Consumption: x2 High
    A samurai's chakra is very much different from that of a shinobi's chakra once they are given "The Seal of the Bladed Warrior" at Adept ranking. Not fully aware of the potential of this difference until recently, a technique has been made that, if used appropriately by the Samurai, will allow them to fight their opponent (who would need to be a shinobi, or non-samurai) on what they would consider more equal footing. By allowing their raw chakra to build-up within the hand(s) (i.e. fist or palm), or even along the edge of a sword, this raw, unchecked chakra seeps itself into the targeted shinobi's chakra pathways on impact (as if magnetized). This causes an instability within the opponent's ability to control their chakra, as shinobi are incapable of controlling their chakra to use any ninjutsu/genjutsu of B-rank or higher for 4 (four) of that players IC turns. Trying to do so will cause in this raw samurai chakra to detonate from the inside of their pathways, more often than not effectively killing the target.

    Note: This technique can be used alongside any jutsu.

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