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Ninsuo (Ninja Monks)

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1Ninsuo (Ninja Monks) Empty Ninsuo (Ninja Monks) on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:21 pm


Ninsuo (Ninja Monks) SRQw

The Ninsou, or Ninja Monks, are a group of shinobi, ex-shinobi, mercenaries, and non-ninja serving within a large monk temple, usually located within the countryside of a Nation. Unlike Hidden Villages however, these temples do not operate as militaristic hubs and instead focus on special situations outside of the ninja world, such as dealings with the things typically classified as evil and appearance of Bijuu. As with normal monks, there are several levels a ninja monk can have focus strictly on spreading peace, and protecting that which they have been entrusted to protect. Ranging from the Daimyou himself to other national duties, the work of a Monk is never over. While they may be seen as creatures of serene peace, Ninsuo are known to be excellent combatants with tremendous amounts of stamina and endurance.

Ninsou, as their name implies, are agents of peace which surround around one belief and let the faith in that belief guide them through their lives. They carry uncanny strength and skill, and come from many walks of life. However, one thing is for certain - they will die to protect the Temple of their land and other lands. Temples are devoted to the power of chakra and its elemental use, no two Temples will ever be the same. However, their joining requirements tend to be the same.

Because of the Great War, many of the coveted ancient temples have been temporarily lost. However, some still remain, standing strong and representing their country's power:

  • Hi no Garan - The "Great Temple of Fire" is a holy worship of the path in flames, devoting Katon as their primary release, as well as the soul focus of their training. This temple resides in the Fire Country.
  • Mizu no Garan - The "Great Temple of Water" is a holy worship of the path under water, devoting Suiton as their primary release, as well as the soul focus of their training. This temple resides in the Water Country.
  • Kaze no Garan - The "Great Temple of Wind" is a holy worship of the path of the winds, devoting Fuuton as their primary release, as well as the soul focus of their training. This temple resided in the Wind Country, but is nothing but a pile of ruins in this day and age.
  • Raijin no Garan - The "Great Temple of Thunder" is a holy worship of the path of the lightning bolt, devoting Raiton as their primary release, as well as the soul focus of their training. This temple resides in the Lightning Country. It is slowly being rebuilt by Ninsuo from all over.
  • Tsuchi no Garan - The "Great Temple of Earth" is a holy worship of the path underground, devoting Doton as their primary release, as well as the soul focus of their training. This temple resides in the Earth Country.


Only those of a Good alignment can become begin as a part of the Ninsou or become a Ninsou. Continuation of this good alignment of course isn't required, but will obviously result in rejection from any and all Temples. In order to become a Ninsou ICly, one must be taught by another, either a PC or NPC one, which can be found in the temples of each country. Each title determines what rank of techniques one can use of the Masutā no Michi -Master's Way-. There are three tiers within the Ninsou, and they are:

  • Shugyōsō (Monk-in-Training) D-Rank and C-Rank
  • Hogosha-sō (Guardian Monk) B-Rank and A-Rank
  • Rōsōryo (Elder Monk) A-Rank and S-Rank.

There is also one special title a monk can carry, and it is usually only given to one monk from each temple. It is for the monk of that title to go around on their own accord teaching the word their methods of peace and maintaining it; this title is called Sei Ken no (Land of Origin) -Holy Fist of ___-, and can only be obtained by those who have the approval of another Sei Ken, three Elder Monks, or an Administrator.Ranking up title wise isn't an easy process for Ninsou and this isn't a recommended for racey RPers. The Ninsou is an extremely story-based progression, it isn’t like the others were you can speed through it via Word Count. Though you letter rank can rise to A-Rank you can still be a Shugyōsō/Monk-in-Training. Rank ups require approval from two moderators or one Admin. Such a request should only be asked for upon having displayed notable amounts of development as a Ninsou. May that be through training and discipline or carrying out task as a Ninsou.[/list]

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2Ninsuo (Ninja Monks) Empty Re: Ninsuo (Ninja Monks) on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:23 pm


[justify]Senzoku no Sai (Gift of the Hermit Group)
Rank: S
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: -

    The Ninsou all around the world daily and unrelentingly practice their meditation techniques in hopes of mastering the most fundamental skill in the arts of the Ninsou — Senzoku no Sai. This technique allows the Ninsou to gather a special kind of chakra that is foreign to most people in the world, but to those who are very familiar with it, it is known as Senjutsu chakra. While the usage of the Senjutsu chakra comes with many benefits, such as powerful ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu — it falls in comparison to the level of Senjutsu chakra the Summoning Animals can obtain, due to their natural affiliation with nature. This also means that those who acquire Sennin Mode via training under the Summoning Animals also is better at gathering the Senjutsu chakra, but it is an impressive feature for the Ninsou to have learned such a powerful skill that no ordinary shinobi has acquired on their own. With time and dedication, the Ninsou slowly become better at harnessing this incredible chakra, especially with age and wisdom, with a better understanding of the earth and its natural life it creates and habits it.Note: When it comes to gathering Senjutsu chakra, each Ninsou can obtain different levels of it; Shugyōsō can obtain x2 highs worth of chakra, Hogosha-sō  obtains x3 highs, and Rōsōryo obtain x1 massive (every thread, Ninsou will start with this boost). Additionally, the Senjutsu chakra that the Ninsou acquire is not only limited to their arts, but can also be used with the typical jutsu. Giving them an additional 25% in power, range, and speed when it comes to these jutsu. This extra chakra is only redeemable at the start of a topic and does not regenerate over time even if the Ninsou was to sit in meditation. While most Ninsou techniques remain usable even if one were to lose the Ninsou occupation from misconduct or just quitting, this technique is only usable as a Ninsou.


Niou Riki (Herculean Strength)
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Defensive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: x2 Mid

    Through long hours of practicing their art and mastering their chakra to the point where they are able to rival the Iryou-nin in chakra control and precision, the Ninsou have developed some truly incredible techniques. Niou Riki is one of the most common techniques to be utilized by the Ninsou due to its great counter-striking setup. First, the practitioner will channel chakra into either of their arms, waiting for the chance to quickly counter a strike from an opponent, by gripping their appendage with a mighty grip. The strength of the grip of the Ninsou allows them to easily be able to throw the target or slam them in the ground if they so choose to — it has many options, but it is never used to do severely harm to an individual, such as removing a limb to maim them. Note: For those who would use a Ninjutsu enhanced appendage against a Ninsou with this technique, Niou Riki would only be able to stop the physical advancement of the opponent, meaning that elemental jutsu with additional effects or abilities damage will apply normally.

Nichirin Shou (Sun Palm)
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: High

    Nichirin Shou is one of the most basic techniques of Masutā no Michi. By focusing and gathering a potent amount of chakra within a single limb for usage the user will the attempt to strike their opponent with a strong palm thrust. Though this technique can be landed anywhere upon a person, it is most effective in the softer areas of the body. When the victim is struck by the palm thrust, not only will it carry enough force to push the average shinobi off of their feet and some moderate damage, but it will also release a large volume of their stored Senjutsu chakra from their palm. This chakra will create a second, near-instant palm strike immediately after, doing double the damage that the first strike did, but on a large scale, double the size of the user’s hand. This technique possesses the power to give one a concussion easy, if used correctly.

Hyourin no Joushou (Rising Moon)
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: x2 High

    Hyourin no Joushou is a simple technique with not so simple mechanics, thanks to the usage of chakra that one must first gather up in the appendage before striking. Once the chakra is gathered and focused at the knee, and user will then attempt to smash their knee into their opponent, preferably the softer parts of them, not only delivering a powerful strike with the knee, but greatly amplifying that power with chakra. The chakra is released upon impact overwhelming the target with an internal wave of pain that can bring a well experienced shinobi to their knees.

Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder
Rank: S
Range: Mid (0m ~ 10m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: 1
Chakra Consumption:

    This is the ultimate technique of the Ninsou that is taught only to its Elder Monks and requires the special Gift of the Hermit Group chakra. The technique is activated when the user takes a specific stance with their left hand making a half-ram and then extending their right hand down with his palm parallel to the ground. Once the stance is taken, the spirit of the Thousand-Armed Kannon is summoned to defend the user, or attack their enemies. The spirit is normally calm, angelic and looks peaceful. However, whenever the user gets angry, the spirit turns red and transforms into a demonic-looking creature. Kannon then attacks the user's target with its 1000 spirit fists. The size and power of the spirit is dependent upon the skill of the user. The fist are roughly 5mx5m.

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