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Futton Release

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1 Futton Release on Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:49 pm



Futton, or Boil Element, takes the form of boiling attacks and defenses. It has been often confused for Youton due to its corrosive factors, but unlike Lava, boil is a more fluid liquid-based entity. Lava, made of fire and earth, is thick and viscous, slow yet powerful; boil takes the best of both worlds, retaining some corrosiveness while improving its delivery. Futton is formed through the simultaneous usage of Fire and Water styles in order to create a powerful corrosive vapour capable of melting anything. The user is also able to control the range and level of the vapour's acidity as well, making them a deadly entity overall.

    1. Futton requires Administrative approval.

    2. Futton requires mastery (50% of listed jutsu) of both the Katon (Fire) and Suiton (Water) releases.

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2 Re: Futton Release on Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:50 pm


Futton no Jutsu (Boil Release Technique)
Rank: SS
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Supplementary
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: -
    Futton is an advanced chakra nature kekkei genkai. By combining the Fire and Water Elements simultaneously, the user is capable of creating powerful corrosive vapour that is said to be able to melt anything. Practitioners of this release have learned to control the level of acidity in the vapour as well as its range of attack.

    Note: This release requires mastery (50%) of the Fire and Water Elements.

Kasei Senbon no Jutsu (Caustic Needle Technique)
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: 4
Chakra Consumption: High
    Kasei Senbon no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Boil Element. After performing a set of handseals, the user inhales, infusing some of the air in their lungs with chakra. Upon exhaling, up to five slivers of condensed corrosive acid in the shape of senbon are launched at the opponent. These acid senbon do not simply pierce like their normal counterpart; instead, upon impact they are capable of corroding thin holes in flesh and most other materials.

Akki Bakufuu no Jutsu (Noxious Blast Technique)
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: 7
Chakra Consumption: Mid x2
    Akki Bakufuu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Boil Element. After forming the required handseals, the user spits out a marble-size concentrated ball of acidic mist. Upon impact with a solid object the projectile will burst, flooding a 2x2 meter area with caustic mist that is capable of corroding flesh and other weak materials. Its true purpose is to be inhaled by the opponent, where it will wreak havoc on the nose, throat, and lungs.

    Note: The mist will remain lingering for one turn before dissipating.

Gimpun Kichou no Jutsu (Silver Screen Technique)
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Offensive / Defensive
Handseals: 8
Chakra Consumption: High, Mid (upkeep)
    Gumpun Kichou no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Boil Element. After forming the necessary handseals, the user exhales a thick, opaque fog of acidic mist in front of them. Due to its density, it only fills a 2x2 meter area. This fog is able to corrode almost anything that moves within it, with more extensive corrosion happening the longer the object is surrounded by the fog. This is most often used to defend the user against certain incoming attacks, but if an opponent steps into the fog, it is fully capable of melting clothing and skin.

    Note: To defend against an incoming attack by melting it, the attack must be composed of something that is able to be corroded (like Sand or a weapon). Any attack B rank or below that passes through it will be fully corroded, not capable of harming the user at all. However, attacks of a higher rank will not be effected enough to stop the damage they can inflict.

Shokinenten no Jutsu (Twisting Miasma Technique)
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: 5
Chakra Consumption: High x2, High (optional)
    Shokinenten no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Boil Element. After performing a string of handseals, the user concentrates their chakra in their throat and then slowly exhales an acidic mist. This mist immediately begins taking the form of a miniature twister that the user can direct as necessary toward the opponent. While it is not spinning quickly enough to displace air, anything it touches will be corroded, eating through defenses and flesh easily.

    Note: The twister lasts for one turn before dissipating, although the user has the option to expend a High amount of chakra to keep it for another turn. This can only be done once per use of the technique.

Koumu no Jutsu (Skilled Mist Technique)
Rank: S
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Offensive
Handseals: 10
Chakra Consumption: Massive, Mid (optional)
    After performing a string of handseals, the user exhales a cloud of acidic mist that can fill a large area. This mist is capable of corroding anything; it has even been said that it can melt the bones of the great Susanoo. Like all techniques of this type, the mist is indiscriminate and will injure both friend and foe, so its usage must be tactically limited to specific places. In the event that the mist escapes the containment area, the user can adjust the pH level, neutralizing it.

    Note: The cloud of mist will linger in the air for 10 turns, during which time the user can alter the pH level when necessary by expending a Mid amount of chakra for each change. This means that the mist can be neutralized and then made caustic again if necessary.

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