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Hachi Dansu Gōruden Tsuyo-sa (Eight Dancing Stances Golden Strength)

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Eight Dancing Stances Golden Strength (八ダンスゴールデン強さ / Hachi Dansu Gōruden Tsuyo-sa)

This Style Requires the Usage of a Bo Staff or Quarter Staff.

    Hachi Dansu Gōruden Tsuyo-sa is a style created by the fabled Ninsou, nearly two hundred years ago. By their earliest of earlier ancestors. A style known for its unbreakable defense and "kind nature" yet as it has evolved so has its uses, and this once style became legend for its usage as self defense has been matured, and altered by some into a deadly and violent style of martial arts. This style is open to all that wish to undergo its prestige heritage.

Rank: D
Range: -
Type: Bukijutsu
Handseals: -
Chakra Consumption: -; Low x 2

    - Gōruden Gēto is a technique that uses a staff, by correctly rotating the staff in the hands of the user. It begins to rapidly spin - much like a top in front of them, and by using this in this manner. It allows the user to not only deflect small projectiles but at the same re-direct them in any direction by simply rotating on their right heel, and drawing the staff backwards to their waist. Extending their left hand to the base, and quickly lunging it forward. The force carried, allows the user to send the objects back towards either the opponent or another target. Note: Due to the manner of this technique, it can be used in air, while moving, and even while clinging to a surface through a chakra - related walking pattern.


    Za Sukai (The Sky (ザ·スカイ))Rank: DRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; Low x 2

      - Za Sukai is a technique that uses the staff as an extension of their body, by quickly charging forward with the staff's head. The user lunges the weapon into the direction of the target but just before making contact the user quickly - slams their foot forward, and forces their body to rotate swiftly. This allows the user to quickly change direction of the strike, and thus catch the opponent off guard.Note:

    Za Ōshan (The Ocean(ザ·オーシャン))Rank: DRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; Low x 2

      - Za Ōshan is a technique that uses the shear physical strength of the user - by channeling a small amount of Chakra into the head of their weapon, the user quickly extends the item forward and into the ground. By doing this, the user releases the surge of power under the ground, and sends out ripples. These ripples shake the ground suddenly around the user, and as such can be used to throw an opponent or opponents off balance. Note:

    Chōyaku Saru(Leaping Monkey(跳躍サル))Rank: DRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; Low x 2

      - Chōyaku Saru is a technique that is often considered "strange" among most formal types of martial arts. This technique is simple in design, but its usage is what truly makes it powerful. First the user - uses the blunt of their staff to block or deflect an incoming attack, and just as the attack is drawn off course or halted. The user pushes forward, and slides the staff across the targets arm with a swift and powerful bunt. Using this to sudden strike the target across the chest or shoulder, and using their strength throwing them back or pushing away very quickly. Note:

    Setchi shita Saru(Grounded Monkey(接地したサル))Rank: DRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; Low x 2

      - Setchi shita Saru is another "strange" technique, often used in an aggressive way dependent on the user. First the user lunges the staff forward, and as they close in on the user - they quickly pull backwards and rotate. Doing this allows the user to very suddenly come around from the other direction with a powerful and often extremely aggressive swipe. Note: Due to the momentum, if this were to strike the head. It can cause extreme disorientation.

    Za Taiyō (The Sun(ザ·太陽))Rank: CRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; Mid x 1

      - Za Taiyō is a technique that is often used when the staff is out of range - by charging their weapon with a thin layer of Chakra, the user is capable of whipping it across their view, and send out a sudden expansion of Chakra in the form of a blade. While this weapon lacks the real potential to kill, it has a massive impact point, and can throw around a fully grown and matured male with ease. Note: The "blade" is around 5m in length, and 2m in width.

    Burōkun Saru(Burōkun Monkey(ブロークンサル))Rank: CRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; Mid x 2

      - Burōkun Saru is a series of precise and quite shattering strikes. First the user sweeps the staff across their view, and attempt to strike at the targets feet. By doing this, they pull back and force the target off their feet. Following this, the use the moment to continue moving forward, and draws the staff from above and strikes down across their chest. The unique thing about this technique - is that while the staff is in motion, the user funnels a small amount of chakra into the head of the staff, and slams it down with immense force. This chakra passes through the target, and forms a crater beneath them. Note: The crater is large enough to surround them, and as deep as a single meter.

    Furaingu Inpakuto (Flying Impact(フライングインパクト))Rank: CRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; Mid x 1

      - Furaingu Inpakuto is a powerful sweeping technique - used by simply taking the blunt of the staff, and swipe it across the targets legs. The truth effect however is that at the moment of "mid sweep" the user instead draws it upwards, and as most would leap to avoid it, or move backwards. The staff is brought up swiftly and often strikes them unprepared.Note:

    Za Gōruden Ryū (The Golden Dragon(ザ·ゴールデン竜))Rank: BRange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; High x 1

      - Za Gōruden Ryū is a powerful technique among the Hachi Dansu Gōruden Tsuyo-sa by focusing chakra among the length of the staff in use. The user begins to "spark" it to life, and as such lunges it forward. It forms a single and powerful explosion of force - a massive dragon's head extends from the head of the staff and circles around the target or targets - the head followed by a thick golden chain. Once it surrounds the target, the dragon comes back around and "locks" onto the chain with its teeth. Forming a powerful restraint. Note:

    Za Hachi Ryū (The Eight Dragons(ザ·八竜))Rank: ARange: -Type: BukijutsuHandseals: -Chakra Consumption: -; High x 2

      - Za Hachi Ryū is a powerful and often difficult to follow technique among Hachi Dansu Gōruden Tsuyo-sa, by drawing on the latent power of the user - they charge their staff with their deepest most emotions, and funnel their true strength into the weapon it self. It begins by holding the staff at three, and nine (the base) and taking stance. Around the user - a soft and often powerfully surging aura begins to twist and warp around their body. Shaking the ground around them (up to 1m) and often dislodging debris and other items of question. As soon as their ready, they move forward in a single and swift forward charge. As soon as they close into attack range it begins, the first strike is of a normal speed but the moment it either hits or misses the target the real attack begins. In the near blink of an eye, the second strike is slammed forward. The users movement so hastened that the first strike was a decoy, and during the "illusion" of the first strike the second was already performed. As they user continues, they continue to draw back and strike at the target up to eight times in total before drawing back and quickly swiping the staff across their head. The true potency of this attack is that it is so quickly performed that it leaves a design below the user. That of a eight headed serpent. Note: During the second strike, and the second strike alone. The users attack speed is doubled, after the first strike. It returns to normal.

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